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Anees, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
I have acne all over my face, neck and back of the body for many years since I was 15 of age. I also have oily skin. After taking Praventac for 1 week, my friends noticed my face got alot better than before where she noticed the acne has been reduced and face got smoother. And it also controlled my oily skin and pores has shrunk. Although I still have acne, I’m sure it will be resolved in some time if I continue taking Praventac. Anyway, thanks.
Bany, 26, Negeri Sembilan, Malaysia
Hello. I’ve been consuming this product for several months now. Just purchased my fourth bottle as I find it  a miracle. All the while I have been having a clear skin but when I started my working life with all the stress and hassle with daily travelling, I have started to get terrible breakouts and all the time I become self demotivated and have spent so much over skincare products. Went to dermatologist and so on and I just see a temporary result till I came across this product one day while browsing through the net. When I started off with the first bottle, after 2 weeks everyone started to comment on my skin as it was getting better and the marks were fading away. In fact I have a very oily skin and now it is not like how it used to be. Seriously this is a MUST.
Christina, 45, Sungai Buloh, Malaysia
I have a headache with my daughter’s face which is full of pimples, black and white heads. I brought her to skin specialist and beautician, nothing seems to work. Now, after completed two bottles of Praventac her pimples stopped popping out. I can see a great difference in her face. Thanks! I will continue with a third bottle. Highly recommended to all with no hopes in pimples!
Eiyma Jalil, 30, Tasik Selatan, KL, Malaysia
Hi, I’m currently taking Ag-Factor and Praventac 2 capsules each before sleep about one week. The result is so amazing. My acne not come out already and my skin is not too oily. I suffered with acne since I was 15 years old until 30 years old. Previously, I spent with so much money to buy expensive skincare and medicine. I’m very satisfied with the Ag-Factor and Praventac’s result. Will update after 8 weeks I used this product. Love this product.
Ewan, 28, Malacca, Malaysia
Long time I’ve stopped using Praventac and tried other products like Gluthathione (TAB) but it doesn’t suit me. I sure will consume back Praventac as I miss my skin while taking it.
Ewan, 27, Malacca, Malaysia
My acne scars fell off after one week. Redness, whitehead reduced. I can’t wait until 8 weeks to see results.
Jasmin Yassin, 18, Beaufort, Sabah, Malaysia
Hye, I’ve ordered both of your product, Ag-Factor and Praventac. But I guess Praventac showed better results compared to Ag-Factor. My skin became flawless and dark spots began to disappear.
Kamarulakmam Othman, Malaysia, Malaysia
I’ve taken 2 capsules of Praventac for a month and I noticed some changes when my acne and whiteheads are lessening.
Malar, Malaysia, Malaysia
I almost going to finish my first bottle of Praventac, and I do see the difference, thank you. Today I’ve just ordered my next month’s stock (Ag-Factor and Praventac). Can you please reply how do I consume Ag-Factor? Together with Praventac, or after, with or without meal?
Mariz, 16, Selangor, Malaysia
I’ve tried Ag-Factor for a month together with Praventac for a start and my skin seems to improve before I started this supplement. The oily part has reduced tremendously. Scars are lightened and I can see those lines also reducing somehow. I’ve ordered 3 months supply now and hopefully by end of 4th month my skin will improve more.
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