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Idahwati, 33, Ranau, Malaysia
Wow! After use this 1 month, my skin looks better than before. Proven product and highly recommended.
Eiyma Jalil, 30, Tasik Selatan, KL, Malaysia
Hi, i’m currently taking Ag-Factor and Praventac each before sleep about 1 week. The result is so amazing. My acne no come out already and my skin not too oily. I suffered with acne since i was 15 years old until 30 years old. Previously, i spend so much money to buy expensive skincare and medicine. I’m very satisfied with the Ag-Factor and Praventac result. Will update after 8 weeks i used this product. Love this product.
Ila, 29, Malaysia, Malaysia
I’ve been taking Ag-Factor for almost 3 weeks and very happy to see my skin every each coming day. (I took photos of my face everyday - enjoy doing it nowadays..) ;) Every morning I can see it’s getting finer, fairer and more radiant. Radiance, yes that is the word. Really-really heart this product. I am looking forward to see the result after 3 months consumption and what’s more meaningful about it. I am getting married in June, so it’s really a bonus for me. Thanks a lot Ag-Factor. Agree with the others.
Lucy, 50, Sabah, Malaysia
I used to have very smooth and flawless skin when i was young and as i get very much older my skin has become dry, pale and tired looking and uneven skin dull complexion. Everytime my family and friends will asked if i’m sick or something. I dread looking at myself in the mirror.
Mariz, 36, Selangor, Malaysia
I’ve tried Ag-Factor for a month and together with Praventac for a start...My skin seems to improve before i started this supplement...The oily part has reduced tremendously...Scars are lightened and i can see those lines also reducing somehow...i’ve ordered 3 months supply now and hopefully by end of 4 months, my skin will improved more...
Mummy @ grandma, 52, Sarawak, Malaysia
Thumbs up to Ag-Factor. I’m ordering my second bottle, just unbelievable. With just within 2 weeks, it brighten up skin, glow on my face so noticeable that people around just can’t believe that i am 52. I’m so in love with this product and it’s a NO NO to stop. I am recommending Ag-Factor to my colleague too and she is also consuming it for since middle of December and it’s proven to be so effective for her too. Wonderful product. No regret spending my $$ on this product.
Nadia, 24, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
I have a very dull, uneven skin tone, acne and a lot of premature wrinkle, what i’m afraid most is i’m just 24 years old and i look like a mid 30..I’m scared! So i did a google research on how to retained back my youthful look and i found your website.. Looking through all the testimonial and i don’t hesitate and straight away make a purchase. Now i’m a one happy customer of yours! Skin condition is improving a lot and all my fine line is almost fade..I’m on my 3rd bottle now! So i’ve been sharing this success with all my work colleague and most of them are now Ag-Factor crazy fans too.
Noorsiah, 54, Shah Alam, Malaysia
I started taking supplement especially for my skin at a young age. I have been very patient at all this while in seeing results from the supplements i have taken switching from one product or brand to another. The results are either very slow or unnoticeable until i come to know about Ag-Factor. This is my 3rd bottle and i am very happy with the results. I look radiant and glowing even without my makeup on. I have stop taking other products because i have a strong faith and believe on Ag-Factor.
Noraishah, 44, Johor Bahru, Malaysia
Both my husband and i are using this product. Hardly finished 1 bottle, each our skin has improved so much that we get compliments. Even some of my relatives thinks i’m taking Vitamin C injections. Definitely will recommend this product...It’s a fountain of youth in a capsule :)
Norashikin, 38, Sarawak, Malaysia
My face is full of acne after i’ve been using one of the popular skincare for about a year ago. I’ve tried so many skincare after that but my acne prone still popping out each and everyday until i saw Praventac and Ag-Factor advertisement in facebook. Now i’m consuming my 2nd bottle and my good friend start noticing that my acne is reducing and my skin is getting fairer and fairer each day. I feel it too, my whole body is getting fairer and smoother, my hand shows it. Thanks to Allah for this miracle product especially Ag-Factor, it really works...But has to be patience and don’t forget to drink a lot of water...thanks!
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