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The Natural Way
To Have Fairer Skin & Keep Age At Bay
Ag-Factor™ is very effective in combating signs of aging. It is great for anyone who is troubled by dull complexion, uneven skin tone, wrinkles and sensitive skin. It will help brighten your skin to a radiant glow and leave it smoother and firmer. Ag-Factor™ also helps to detox your liver, blood and other major organs while boosting your immune system, hormone balance as well as other bodily functions.
Great health and vitality, improved skin tone, smoother skin and fewer wrinkles.
You’ll see results within
just 2-3 weeks !
The secret to staying young is to provide your body and skin with the right nourishment. From ancient times, milk has been associated with beauty, an elixir to fight the effects of aging. The cysteine peptides in Ag-Factor™ are derived from milk through sophisticated separation technology and patent-pending knowledge. The result is a lactose-free and highly nutritious milk component (whey protein).
Cysteine is a powerful component for regaining youthful skin and safeguarding the brain and other internal organs from the harmful effects of free radicals. How young we look for our age is determined by the body’s most powerful antioxidant, glutathione. However, after the age of 20, the production of glutathione starts to decline.

Cysteine is a precursor of glutathione, an antioxidant that is prevalent in every cell of the human body, especially in the liver. Glutathione not only defends our body from the effects of aging, it also neutralises toxic pollutants and plays an effective role in preventing diseases.
Benefits of Ag-Factor™
Reduce Age Spots
Reduce Pigmentation & Freckles
Fair Skin
Firm Skin
Boost Energy
Radiant Complexion
Smooth Skin
Soft Skin
Reduce Fine Lines & Wrinkles
Liver Health
Improve Quality Of Sleep
Boost Immune System
3 Major Benefits of Ag-Factor™
Skin Whitening
Control melanin production to leave skin with a fair and balanced skin tone
Progressively lighten freckles, age spots, melasma, dark spots and correct hyperpigmentation
Health & Longevity
Maintain our health, protection against illness. Help our kidneys, lungs, & liver to detox, neutralize & expel toxins naturally.
Improve The Skin For Brightness And Radiance
Promote the production of pheomelanin, a red-yellow form of melanin pigment, prevalent in people with fair skin.
Improve Unbalanced Skin Tone And Skin Discolouration
Skin discolorations and uneven skin tone that are caused by pockmarks and brown spots can be greatly improved, to restore an even skin tone.
Reduce Redness Associated With Inflammation Or Sensitive Skin
Inhibit PGE2 production(principal mediator of inflammation of the skin). If left unchecked, inflammation will over time lead to a further breakdown of important structural proteins in the skin.
Reduce Pigmentation, Freckles, Age Spots
Help to restore a smoother skin and reduce the appearance of freckles, melasma, age spots, dark spots and other pigmentation problems.
Reduce Fine Lines And Wrinkles
Zinc (Zn) and copper (Cu), once bound to protein, have been shown to be very effective in regenerating cell tissue and increasing the synthesis of structural proteins such as collagen.
Promote Firmness And Elasticity Of The Skin
Support the natural protein structure of the skin and assist the skin in binding moisture. The proteins in Ag-Factor™ have a significant, rapid and long-term effect on skin firmness through increased skin elasticity and moisture retention.
Liver Health
Ag-Factor™ allows your body to produce glutathione, the body’s natural antioxidant. Glutathione is produced primarily in the liver and helps cleanse toxins and stimulants from the body. The liver cleanses toxins (xenobiotics) by converting them to water-soluble metabolites, which can be expelled from the body by the kidneys.
Improve Immune System
Serve an essential role in maintaining the full function of our immune system, protecting us against cancer via cytokines production (natural cancer killer cells)
Improve Sleep Quality & Boost Energy
Cleansing stimulants from your blood allows you to sleep better and leaves you more energetic!
How Ag-Factor™ brightens your skin …
Cysteine peptide stimulates natural glutathione production in the liver and may shift the melanin synthesis towards the production of pheomelanin (lighter pigment)...
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Ag-Factor™ clears and reduces …
Fine Lines
Dark Spots
Skin Discolouration
Unbalanced Skin Tone
Beautiful skin comes from clean blood & liver
Removing toxins from the body rejuvenates it, therefore helping the liver (master detoxifier) to purify the blood and produce new cells to replace damaged ones is crucial...
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behind great-looking skin.
Adinda Sahnaz Nazila, 28, Wednesday, January 29th, 2014
My skin is now smoother, more suppled and looked healthier!
Over 1,000,000 satisfied customers
have tried Ag-Factor™ Since 2009
Ag-Factor™ - Natural Nutriment To
Enable The Body To Resume Its Natural Functions
Ag-Factor™ works by naturally enabling your body to function more intelligently, producing its own Glutathione and Collagen, instead of forcing it to absorb them from external sources and synthetic ingredients.
Ag-Factor™ Allows Your Body To Decide What It Really Needs !
The full spectrum of amino acids in Ag-Factor™ can trigger the body to produce its own source of collagen.
Zinc (Zn) and copper (Cu), once bound to protein, have been shown to be very effective in regenerating cell tissue and increasing the synthesis of structural proteins such as collagen
You can enable your body to produce glutathione (a powerful antioxidant that fights free radicals) to intercept, combat and vanquish rampaging oxygen molecules and even repair some of the damage they cause.

What does Ag-Factor™ have to do with Glutathione?
Ag-Factor™ benefits the liver and the body’s antioxidant redox state. It is a whey protein hydrolysate manufactured under carefully controlled conditions using food grade enzymes (patent filed in the USA, Europe, and Japan). Ag-Factor™ contains high-quality cysteine (an amino acid) that is a building block of proteins that are used throughout the body. The body makes glutathione out of cysteine.
Collagen products
cysteine peptide
The molecular size of Cysteine Peptide is only 1/4 size of that of collagen, allowing the body better absorbance.
More Effective Than Collagen & Glutathione!
Ag-Factor™’s natural peptide-bonded form of Cysteine has been shown to better boost the levels of glutathione produced in the liver compared to other naturally sourced amino acids such as porcine source collagen (the most absorbable collagen compared to marine and bovine).
To get the same amount of Cysteine found in Ag-Factor™ —if you are taking hydrolyzed collagen, you will need to consume at least 16-24gm per day.
The amount of collagen normally found in most supplements is less than 5gms. Do the math. If collagen is three to ten times less effective than Cysteine Peptide and you are only getting 30% per day—are you getting value for your money?
Do collagen supplements only give short-term results?
In recent years, many beauty companies have introduced a wide range of collagen products for those who wish to sustain a youthful appearance with smooth skin etc. The response and feedback from most collagen users, however, is that collagen only provides short-term results. Once they stop taking it, skin rapidly returns to its previous state within a mere few weeks. The reason for this is that collagen breaks down easily, especially under the exposure to direct sunlight. This is why maintenance is necessary. So are we getting our money’s worth when we spend on such short-lived results, when we can choose to invest in something that promises more?
Whitening Skin Care
The Natural Way To Fair,
Glowing Skin
Ag-Factor™ lightens your skin, giving you an even, creamy and radiant complexion.
Ag-Factor™ promotes the body’s own natural antioxidant activity and the production of pheomelanin, a red-yellow form of melanin pigment, prevalent in people with fair skin. Oxidative stress from UV exposure and other environmental pollutants can lead to melanogenesis-- the production of brown-colour pigments associated with tanned skin.
The antioxidants in Ag-Factor™ can slow or even reverse this process, resulting in a brightening effect for the skin.
Buy and apply various whitening creams or
Simply nourish your skin internally?
For skincare, there are a plethora of products that you can choose from. Varied by brand, function, medium, method of application etc.- the options are endless.

But to obtain truly fairer and brighter skin, the best solution will always be to provide your body and skin with the right nourishment. Cysteine Peptides in Ag-Factor™ enables the body to produce more glutathione, which helps with natural skin brightening.
If you find yourself wondering why childhood photos of many celebrities usually show a much darker skin tone than what they have now? You should know that contrary to popular belief, this is not the result of simply applying enough whitening cream. The real secret is to provide the body with the right nutrients that supports the regeneration of the skin. Plus, certain whitening cream has the potential of overdrying the skin, causing breakouts, and even lead to skin cancer.

“ Skin whitening creams reduce the amount of melanin, making the skin more vulnerable to UV rays, thus may lead to premature skin aging or even skin cancer. ”
Skin Whitening Pills
Natural Ingredients VS Synthetic Ingredients
What is the difference between synthetically derived L-Cysteine (NAC) and naturally occurring bioactive Cysteine Peptide (Ag-Factor™) found in whey.
Glutathione Pill
Directly consuming Glutathione is pointless and ineffective.
It is clinically proven that the body is incapable of absorbing direct oral intake of Glutathione. Therefore, no matter how many and often you pop those Glutathione pills into your mouth, your skin and body will not benefit from it. One way to get around that is to take it by the vein, that is through intravenous injections. But are you willing and prepared to stick a needle into yourself every day?
N-acetyl-L-cysteine (NAC)
Whitening supplements on the market that claim to be 100% natural when, in truth, they are not.
Synthetic Cysteine marketers want you to believe that there is no difference naturally occurring Cysteine and synthetic ones. This is because synthetics are easier to produce, thus carry a much higher profit margin. Most consumers fall for this misconception that is set up by marketers who prioritise profits over the health of their customers.
Bioavailability or your body’s natural absorption
Bioavailability means the extent to which a substance can be absorbed and used by the body. Although our mind might be fooled into buying synthetics, the human body automatically know the difference. Natural nutrients are absorbed readily as the body is biologically programmed to recognise the naturally occurring compounds as genuine nutrients. While isolated chemicals or synthetic “nutrients” are immediately put on hold until the body can determine the cofactors necessary to enable their availability. It has been found that 50% of every synthetic supplement is rendered useless by the body, leaving only 50% for possible conversion. Furthermore, there is no guarantee that any, of the remaining 50% will be converted.
“Scientists have never successfully created an orange from scratch in a laboratory. Only nature can. Likewise, neither can science create synthetic nutrients that exactly duplicate or replace naturally occurring nutrients.”
Absorbed 99.99%
What Makes Ag-Factor™ So Effective
The natural nutrients of Ag-Factor™ are absorbed readily as we are biologically programmed to recognise them as genuine nutrients.
Ag-Factor™ is a bioactive “intelligent” food that can be absorbed by the body at an incredible rate of 99.99%. It consists of cysteine peptides, found in microscopic quantities in hydrolyzed whey protein (milk/cheese), which enables the body to self-produce glutathione & collagen.
Cysteine can be biosynthesized from food in the human body,
but only at a very minimal rate.
You’d have to take an enormous amount of green vegetables in order to obtain the same amount of cysteine contained in one capsule of Ag-Factor™.
In the case of milk you’d need to drink 2000 glasses of grade A milk to obtain the same amount of cysteine contained in one capsule of Ag-Factor™.
Grass; Cow’s main source of food which contains huge amount of Cysteine.
I have lactose intolerance and can’t drink milk, can I still take Ag-Factor™?
Ag-Factor™ contains extremely low amount of lactose, therefore will not trigger your symptoms.
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Suitable for Vegetarian
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