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The #1 Super Healthy Plan
for Super Real Weight Loss.
The SuperFIT3 product series is the perfect slimming plan that is uniquely designed to bring positive changes to your body during its ‘magic hours’ by naturally diminishing your food cravings and hunger pangs in the morning, blocking excessive carbohydrate and protein in the afternoon, and eliminating excessive water and toxins during nighttime.
Be On The Super Fast Track
to a Slimmer & Healthier You
The Leading Edge
100% Natural Slimming Plan
That Will Reveal A Slimmer
& Healthier You
• Gluten-Free• Clinically Proven Ingredients
• Lactose-Free• Sodium-Free• Non GMO
• Manufactured in a GMP Certified Facility.
Satiety Increased
Reduce Snacking
Satiety promoting effects decrease compulsive snacking and hunger pangs throughout your day!
Promote slower digestion, resulting in slower increase in blood glucose to provide you with a constant amount of energy
Boost your metabolism and fat burning rate
Block Calories
Blocking Carbohydrates
& Fat Absorption
Prevent or delay the absorption of excessive carbohydrates and fat in your digestive system.
Inhibiting the enzymes needed to break down carbs,including alphaamylase & lipase, hence reduce excessive calories intake & fat storage during lunch.
Prevent post lunch dip, reduced calories intake prevents sleepiness/ drowsiness after lunch
Flush Your System
Diuretic Effect & Water Retention Reduction
Eliminate excess water from your system
Improve circulatory system throughout nighttime, prevent excessive buildup of fluid in your system that makes you feel bloated and puffy the next day
Promote natural system cleansing while your body is at rest & support natural detoxification
A Complete3-StepWeight Loss Program
SuperFIT3™ works day and night
so you can stay in shape effortlessly!
Conventional Weight Control Products
SuperFIT3™ utilizes carefully selected ingredients to customise and create uniquely formulated solutions that gets to the root of your weight problem.
Unlike generic weight management products that typically blend uncalculated ingredients in hope of producing a blanket solution without taking into consideration the real underlying causes behind your weight problem.
Why wait, shed those
unwanted pounds today!
Track your results with Before & After photos. Weight yourself and take measurements of your thighs, hips and waist.
Morning Booster
Constant snacking between meals is proven to be one of the major stumbling block to maintaining a healthy diet and desirable figure. SuperFIT3™ S (Morning Booster) is a breakthrough formula that reduces your snacking cravings and impulses, effectively minimizing any unnecessary calorie intake.
Control Compulsive
Eating, Improve
Emotional Health
SuperFIT3™ S is rich in Satiereal™. Studies has shown that Satiereal™ significantly reduces one’s cravings to snack, decreases behaviour.
Increase Metabolism
and Fat Burning
The green tea extract in SuperFIT3™ S contains epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG) that boosts your metabolism rate and promotes fat burning. EGCG is also what makes green tea a scientifically recognised superfood with multiple anti-aging and disease-fighting properties, rids your body of free radicals while recharging your energy level.
Tastes Great with
Just Wateror your
Favourite Beverages
Noon Booster
SuperFIT3™ B (Noon Booster) incorporates active ingredients that help inhibit the breakdown of fats and particular carbohydrate molecules so that your body is less likely to absorb them.
Minimise Calorie Intake,
Reduce Fat Storage
SuperFIT3™ B reduces carbohydrate and fat assimilation by controlling and reducing calorie intake and fat storage while giving your immune system a much needed boost.
Lower Blood Cholesterol,
Prevent Cardiovascular
The highfibre PromOat® content helps to increase satiety, leading to a reduction in unnecessary food intake. It also binds excess cholesterol, preventing them from being absorbed into the body and clogging your arteries.
Evening Booster
Fluid retention is a deficiency in the drainage of lymphatic system and can affect many areas of the body, causing discomfort and temporary weight gain not only for women, but men as well.
Reduce Water
Retention and Detox
Cacti-Nea™ in SuperFIT3™ F contains antioxidant, diuretic and detoxifying properties that facilitate the elimination of excess fluids from your body without excessive mineral loss, resulting in a slimmer figure within just weeks.
Improve Your Mood and
Reduce Cellulite
SuperFIT3™ F incorporates Guarana Seed Extract that can improve your mood and boost your metabolism, as well as reducing water retention that causes cellulite through its diuretic effect. So you can feel better, look slimmer, and say goodbye to orange peel skin!
Diet Plan
Diet Plan
Say goodbye to those conventional unpalatable slimming teas or diet supplements. SuperFIT3™ comes in highly concentrated yet easy-to-dissolve powder form.
Each comes in a different flavour that
makes losing weight fun & easier than ever!
Green tea
Mixed berries
Lemon zest
Simply mix it with a glass of cold water or your favourite
, pour it into your water bottles and carry it with you
wherever you go to lose weight while keeping yourself hydrated, or
pop the tasty powder directly into your mouth, anytime and
Free From Artificial Sweetener
Diabetes Friendly
Contains naturally sourced smart sugar-- Palatinose™ that is very slowly digested to release glucose into the bloodstream in small quantities that won’t cause excessive insulin peak.
It provides a balanced and sustained source of energy for long period, contributes to healthy metabolism, improves fat burning, as well as supports dental health.
For Your On-The-Go
SuperFIT3™ comes in chic and ultra convenient mini sachets that easily fit into your pocket, purse, or even wallet so that you can enjoy it wherever you go. Its compact packaging makes it ideal for work, going out, or even travelling. Simply grab a few mini sticks along with you in your work bag, gym bag or handbag, so that you can mix it into your bottle or sipper and drink it while you workout, or mix it with your tea or coffee while you’re chilling at a cafe with friends. SuperFIT3™ allows you to keep losing weight anyplace and anytime.
Safe, Healthy
& Natural
Detox Tea
Tainted Diet
SuperFIT3 does not contains...
Detrimental to mental & physical health.
Caffeine has been associated with heart palpitation, mood swings, anxiety, irritability and insomnia. Plus, it is not scientifically proven to help with permanent weight loss.
Disrupt your natural bodily functions
Laxative leads to diarrhoea, abdominal pain and malnutrition. Long term usage may decrease your colon's natural ability to contract and actually worsen or lead to constipation.
Damaging & life-threatening effects
Hidden drug ingredients such as prescription drugs, controlled substances, and untested/unstudied pharmaceutical ingredients could lead to dangerous side effects, heart attack, stroke or even cancer.
Unknowingly, you may be taking products laced with terribly harmful ingredients, plus once you stop taking them, your weight will bounce back with a vengeance!
Send Us Your
& Get Your
Shed Those Unwanted Pounds,
Totally On The House!
We value your testimonials and are pleased and
honoured to know that SuperFIT3™ has helped you
achieve your ideal weight and shape.
Share your weight-loss journey
by sending “before and after” images of yourself, and tell us how the SuperFIT-3™ series became a part of your life.
By simply sending us clear photos of yourself before
starting your SuperFIT-3™ transformation, plus your new
and improved self
after enjoying the amazing results of
SuperFIT-3™ (with your favourite SuperFIT-3™ products in
), you will be rewarded with cash vouchers as a FULL
of your previous purchases!
Submit your testimonials to [email protected]
Terms And Conditions
  1. All submissions are subjected to our approval. We reserve the rights to reject submissions which are deemed inappropriate or do not meet the criteria.
  2. Photos must be clear or, at the least, of acceptable image quality.
  3. 'Before' photos can be that of which were taken at any period of time prior to taking our products.
  4. 'After' photos must be of subject with our products in hand.
  5. Any submission of only 'After' photos without 'Before' photos, or photos where the face is cropped or not clearly shown, will be eligible for a 50% refund in the form of cash vouchers that will be valid for a period of 6 months or more.
  6. Please kindly allow us at least 7 business days to process all submissions.
  7. Please inform us in the form of 'Additional Remarks' if you would require us to take relevant measures to anonymise your photos for privacy purposes. Do not attempt to alter submitted images through pixelization in any form prior to submission.
  8. Reward/Rebate will be given in the form of cash vouchers that will be valid for a period of 6 months or more.
  9. The cash voucher can only be used to purchase any product from the SuperFIT™ series, and each customer is allowed to claim not more than 4 months' supply.By submitting the above, you acknowledge and agree to the above terms and conditions.
  10. Once received and approved, all submissions will become the property of Onecare Wellness and may be used or published in any form that is deem suitable. By submitting the above, you acknowledge and agree to the above terms and conditions.
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Product Safety
HALAL Approved
International Halal Council approved
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SGS Lab Test
Pass product safety testing against the safety marks.
Suitable for Vegetarian
All the key ingredients are derived from plants
• Gluten-Free • Clinically Proven Ingredients • Non GMO • Lactose-Free
• Manufactured in a GMP Certified Facility. • Sodium-Free
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