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What is the difference between CERA5™ ceramide and other ceramide supplements in the market?
CERA5™ contains ceramides derived from rice bran and rice germ that can be absorbed faster by the body for longer-lasting results. CERA5™ incorporates high-quality lychee seed extract in each capsule to enhance skin benefits for a more healthy, fair, and supple skin.
How long can CERA5™ effects last after I stop consuming?
The lasting effect of CERA5™ varies from individual to individual, depending on one’s lifestyle and diet choices. The complete turnover of skin cells typically takes about 30 days but as we age, it can take up to 30-60 days. Therefore, we would suggest continuing the consumption to maintain healthy skin results.
Is CERA5™ vegan/vegetarian friendly?
Yes, CERA5™ is a natural food supplement that is 100% derived from plant-based ingredients and does not contain any animal-derived ingredients.
Is CERA5™ suitable for individuals with a specific medical condition?
In such cases, any individual with a known or suspected medical condition should always consult his/her physician before taking any kind of supplement.
Does CERA5™ have any side effects?
CERA5™ rice ceramides are very safe and free from side effects as it is made of 100% safe and natural ingredients.
Is CERA5™ safe for long term consumption?
Yes, CERA5™ is perfectly safe to consume on a long-term basis as is a natural food supplement made of 100% natural ingredients, and will not burden the kidneys or liver.
Will CERA5™ cause water retention?
No. CERA5™ strengthens the integrity of your skin barrier, protecting you from external threats and locks in skin moisture. Furthermore, water retention is caused by weak kidneys, not the amount of water you drink before sleeping.
Can I take CERA5™ and AG-FACTOR™ together?
Yes, it is the most loved combination. Our customers love to pair both CERA5™ and AG-FACTOR™ together for hydration and skin-brightening results. Just take 2 capsules of CERA5™ in the morning and 2 capsules of AG-FACTOR™ at night, daily. Best to consume 3-6 months for a plump and radiant skin complexion from head to toe.
What is the difference between CERA5™ and AG-FACTOR™?
CERA5™ and AG-FACTOR™ have different benefits, although they both have anti-aging effects. AG-FACTOR™ mainly beautifies the skin for a healthier and brighter skin tone. On the other hand, CERA5™ locks in skin moisture by strengthening the skin barrier for a smoother, more supple, and pinkish complexion. CERA5™ also treats excessively oily skin due to skin dehydration.
Is CERA5™ suitable for pregnant women and breastfeeding mothers?
Although CERA5™ is made of 100% safe and natural ingredients, it is advisable to consult your doctor before taking supplements of any kind.
Do I still need to apply lotion or moisturizer after taking CERA5™?
There is no harm to combine the use of topical beauty care with CERA5™. Both can be synergistic. But it’s important to opt for lotion or moisturizer that’s made of natural ingredients and free of harmful ingredients that will not damage our skin and cause harm to health. To complement CERA5™, please take a look at ORIQUE skincare products (
What other additional benefits can I get from consuming CERA5™?
Besides providing your skin the ultimate hydration, CERA5™ can also help to fight visible signs of aging, promote pinkish skin complexion, and reduce skin sensitivity. Hydration from the inside out also has additional health benefits to help keep your general health and bodily functions at peak performance levels.
Where does CERA5™ originate from?
CERA5™’s key ingredients are from Japan & the United States and approved by the US FDA and classified as GRAS (a food product) and is manufactured in a GMP Certified Facility in Malaysia.
Who is suitable to consume CERA5™?
Both females and males from age 11-65 are suitable to consume CERA5™, including people with hypersensitive skin, eczema, and psoriasis.
How long has this product been in the market?
CERA5™ has been in the market since 2014.
Is CERA5™ suitable for people with hyperthyroidism, asthma, diabetes or high blood pressure?
Yes, CERA5™ is safe for people with these existing conditions.
How should I consume CERA5™?
Take 2 capsules of CERA5™ per day in the morning, ideally with an empty stomach for maximum absorption.
Since the Astaxanthin in CERA5™ already provides me with UV protection, will I still need to apply sunblock?
The amount of protection provided by CERA5™ is adequate for general day-to-day indoor activities. However, if you’re planning to be exposed to sunlight for long periods of time, then you will still need to apply sunblock for extra protection. We would recommend UltraShield ( for protection against sunlight and environmental damages that are not covered by traditional sunscreens.
Does Astaxanthin in CERA5™ protect us from both UVA and UVB?
Under general condition yes, but not with overexposure to sunlight.
Does CERA5™ work for menopausal women?
Yes, CERA5™ works well for perimenopausal, menopausal, and postmenopausal individuals.
Is CERA5™ suitable for children aged 12 and below?
Yes, CERA5™ is safe for prepubescent children as well.
What is the difference between CERA5™’s ceramides and ceramides found in skincare products?
CERA5™ premium ceramides are processed specifically for oral consumption and are derived from rice stead of wheat. Multiple clinical studies show that rice-derived Ceramides are much more effective and easily absorbed compared to wheat-derived Ceramides. Unlike skincare products, which can only penetrate the first few layers of your skin, CERA5™ restores your ceramide levels from within to build total protection for a stronger skin barrier.
How long before I can see the wonderful effects of a smoother skin?
Some people have reported skin improvement in moisturization from 3 days onwards. For most individuals, it is more common to experience discernible results from 2-4 weeks onwards. The complete turnover of skin cells typically takes about 30 days but as we age, it can take up to 30-60 days. So it is advisable to take CERA5™ consistently for 3-6 months for the best results.
Do I still need to apply makeup when I am taking CERA5™?
While CEREA5™ will drastically improve the quality of your skin, making makeup optional, it is still perfectly fine for you to apply conventional cosmetic products to enhance your physical appearance while CERA5™ is already beautifying you from within.
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Would I still need to use makeup after taking CERA5™?
While CERA5™ does improve the quality of your skin, makeup is entirely your choice to put on. Cera-5™ is perfectly safe to be used alongside conventional cosmetic products.
Can I take CERA5™ and SuperFIT-S™ (Morning Booster) together in the morning?
Yes, you can take the two together in the morning. All our products are made of natural ingredients and does not contain chemicals or drugs that may interact with each other. Plus, SuperFit-S™ works by inducing satiety or a sense of fullness, without interfering with your body's natural ability to absorb nutrients. Therefore, your body will still be able to absorb the full nutrient of CERA5™. However, it is advisable to consume CERA5™ with plain water and on an empty stomach for maximum absorption. Therefore, you should take CERA5™ first, before taking your morning booster before or during with breakfast.
What is the difference between CERA5™ and Ag-Factor™?
The key difference between CERA5™ and Ag-Factor™ is that each brings different benefits and caters to different skin needs. Ag-Factor™ is more suitable for those who want to enhance their skin tone and radiance. While CERA5™ is perfect for those who are prone to dry skin that tends to be overly sensitive,develop uneven skin tone,excessive oiliness and display various signs of prematurely aging skin,whether due to their surroundings,genetic makeup,aging skin,etc. CERA5™ has highly effective anti-aging benefits as well,but it focuses more on providing and maintaining your skin's natural moisturization through the strengthening of cells. With healthier and stronger cells,you will be able to obtain skin that is naturally beautiful and radiant. CERA5™ also protects your skin against harmful elements that you face every day,preventing signs of premature aging such as wrinkles,fine lines,age spots and more.
Please tell me more about CERA5™?
CERA5™ is the ultimate ingestible skin moisturiser that allows you to moisturise every inch of your skin from the inside out. Unlike topical moisturisers that require a lot of time and effort to be applied yet promise very limited effects on only the surface of your skin,CERA5™ provides nourishments and hydration to your face and entire body in just a few seconds through two tiny capsules per day. It helps your skin to retain moisture by restoring the healthy moisture barrier function of the skin. It promotes multiple anti-aging benefits as it is rich in super antioxidant to defend your cells,and eliminate free radicals that could cause irreparable damage to both your skin and body,keeping your general health and bodily functions at peak performance levels. CERA5™ also protects and boosts your body's natural collagen,elastin,and hyaluronic acid,while promoting skin whitening by inhibiting melanin formation. As a result,you will obtain softer,fairer,healthier and younger looking skin that naturally glows from the inside,as well as stronger,shinier hair and nails.
I have read somewhere on the internet that one of the ingredients in CERA5™ - astaxanthin,might reduce calcium in the body. Is that true?
There are literature which may suggest that astaxanthin may lower serum calcium levels,but at a very microscopic amount that it is of no clinical importance at all,meaning that it can be safely consumed. Plus,there's no proven direct correlation between serum calcium concentration and calcium balance (body calcium content) as the two are largely independent variables. As a matter of fact,astaxanthin is highly beneficial to bone health,as it is a very powerful antioxidant that protects your bones. Astaxanthin is an especially potent anti-inflammatory,and it prevents chronic inflammation that can lead to osteoporosis. It is also known as the “Superman” of antioxidants,and it has the unique ability to neutralise free radicals and render them harmless again and again,without suffering damage to its own molecular structure. Most other antioxidants are eventually broken down by chemical processes in the body,but there is no such process that breaks down astaxanthin.
Hi. I just realize after purchasing 1 bottle of CERA5™ product and it contain Dextrin and Maltodextrin and other hidden ingredient. What Im trying to say is,does dextrin(doesn't say how much mg on the label) and maltodextrin 20mg in this product
As it is clearly stated on our packaging labels,each serving may contain only as low as 20 mg of maltodextrin,and an even lower amount of dextrin (as they are listed in descending order of predominance by weight). Generally speaking,blood sugar spikes are caused by foods with a high glycemic index(GI),but rest assured that even when put together,the quantity of the said ingredients in CERA5™ are literally way to low to cause sugar spike. In fact,dextrin which acts as fiber,is even beneficial for lowering the blood glucose level,amongst its many other health benefits.
When I open CERA5™ I found only 30 pills instead of 60 pills!
Good day! Thank you for bringing this singular incident to our attention. This is the first time that we have any reports of such nature. We take product quality control very seriously,so rest assured that we will do everything that is within our capability to get to the bottom of this. Such incidents are very rarely heard of,and it should be nearly impossible for a product to be short of half of its content as during manufacturing and packaging,all our products would be measured for exact weight per bottle before being quality-sealed for freshness. Any bottles which are detected to deviate from the predetermined net weight will automatically be rejected and not proceed to the sealing phase. We would like to apologize for any inconvenience caused by this highly unusual incident. Please know that we take such matter very seriously as we always make sure that the interest of our loyal customers and our brand reputation are not jeopardized by any external factors. Therefore,we hope for your patience and full corporation as our management and production team proceed with the full-fledge investigation procedure that is necessary for special cases as such. We will also be required to lodging an official report for investigation to determine the possible cause or any external human factors that might have contributed to the incident described by you. Having said that,please provide us your personal particulars such as full name,address,and contact number for the above mentioned purposes. Please also kindly provide us with your email address in order for us to check for your purchase status in our system and do snap pictures of the faulty product in question and email it to us the soonest for further actions. We will also be conducting a complete investigation with the courier company to find out the exact weight of the parcel that was shipped to you. Thank you and have a pleasant day ahead.
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